7thirty Investment Opportunities

Our investment vehicles provide exceptional growth and income opportunities for accredited investors. We take a hands-on approach and leverage our unique position in the market to identify opportunities early, before the market can drive up the value.



Opportunity Fund

An aggressive growth private equity fund focused on achieving long-term growth in the legal cannabis market. The fund will invest primarily in private equity offerings in the United States but may have other exposure as determined by the manager. The fund may invest in public or private offerings including debt instruments, equities, or other forms of securities.

  • Liquidity: $250K

  • Cash Flow: Distributions Only with Liquidity Events

  • Time Horizon: 3-5 years

  • Target IRR: 20-25%

  • Investment Focus: Growth

  • Graphic Exposure: Global with USA focus

  • Risk Rating: High

  • Diversification: Concentrated (<10% of AUM in any single opportunity)



Fixed-Income Fund

An aggressive high-yield debt fund focused on providing substantial cash flow through high risk debt offerings to legal cannabis industry companies. The fund will allocate capital to qualified borrowers in return for high (>12% coupon) yields secured by real assets (e.g., real estate, inventory, receivables, etc.). The fund may deploy capital into other investment classes (e.g., bonds) but will seek to maintain maximum exposure to high-yield debt in the cannabis industry.

  • Liquidity: $250K

  • Cash Flow: Quarterly Distribtions

  • Time Horizon: Immediate

  • Target IRR: 12-18%

  • Investment Focus: Income

  • Graphic Exposure: Primarily USA with some Globals

  • Risk Rating: High/Moderate

  • Diversification: Concentrated (<10% of AUM in any single opportunity)